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Q: Where can I purchase your merchandise?

A: You may contact us at sales@massarelli.com

Q: How can I check on my order?

A: Email us at sales@massarelli.com

Q: What can you tell me about Rococo Stains?

A: Massarelli’s Rococo Stains create a custom artistic finish. Because the organic color reacts to the mineral deposits of the concrete, each of the attributes and elements of the individual sculpture and the ambient factors contribute to the finished product.

Each product finished in a Rococo Stain produces a unique finish. Although the workmanship is guaranteed, the results of the finish are not. Unlike paints, subjugation of the organic and reactive colors is not possible. These finishes may be manipulated but not controlled. The results of the finished product may be anticipated but not guaranteed.

Unique patterns occasionally appear due to the factors which are beyond the control of the applicator. The purchaser should understand the nature of this process and be comfortable with the characteristics of Rococo Stains. The pieces evolve and self create in response to the various reactions chemically produced. It is expected that the color may continue to respond to the ambient and organic exposure. Exposure or any other adverse element to, in under or above, or around the concrete pieces cannot be controlled and may alter the future of the finish.