Go Creative…Go Rococo!

Unique. One-of-a-kind. Rococo finishes are the ultimate finishing touch. Call it earthy, call it rustic, call it organic. The unmistakable look of Rococo is sure to appeal to those with a bold and daring sense of style and design.

With Rococo Stains, no two pieces will ever be alike. Rococo Stains react with the mineral deposits of the concrete so that exact colors, tones and highlights will vary from piece to piece. And like any fine sculpture, its patina will change over time and take on a life of it’s own.

Everything that we manufacture is photographed in a variety of settings with natural light. When viewed in person, the actual color, shape, size and texture may vary slightly from those shown in our catalog, promotional material, or on-line.

So let the adventure begin. For garden or home décor that makes a statement – nothing says “character” or “individuality” like Massarelli’s Rococo Stains.

#R86 - Timeworn Mountain
#R88 - Campfire Stone
#R89 - Cedar Water Stone
#R90 - Gravel Mountain
#R91 - Everglade Stone
#R94 - Carnelian Mountain
#R97 - Twilight Mountain
#R99 - Burro Brown Stone
#R100 - Biscayne Stone
#R102 - Revel Brown
#R104 - Amber Dusk
#R105 - River Rock